Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Silver Caterpiller

Spotted a very rare species whilst in Sizewell today.
The rarely seen Silver Caterpiller. A nervous beast not usually seen in daylight!

Not sure but i think this one is young as they can grow quite bushy!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Schwalbe "london" tyres

Schwalbe have a limited edition run on some "London" tyres which have famous buildings on the side.  These will be fashioning some of our bikes on the trip.

Check them out.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Hairy Pink Crew are out again!

Watch out for the pink jerseys next Sunday at "Tour de Tendring", kicking off at Dovercourt.  Hope that there is a good show chaps - one of the last good chances to ride together before the big off!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

suffolk sunrise

Another long ride this week-end though not as long as it was meant to be. Due to dodgy signage it was only 97miles.  A good day all round though the sun shone, the carbon steeds looked immaculate, the lunch was fantastic and the riding was strong.  The plan was to "leave it all on the road" for the last 25 miles after the feed zone.  we certainly managed to do that.  A real confidence booster for the real deal in 4 weeks.

First ride in the new jerseys as well, think we looked stunning!!! not sure about the two midgets at the front of the pic though

Saturday, 12 May 2012

OK 07:40 it is. 
Dave, will you be bringing any energy gels, if so could I have a few for the ride and try taking them before I get knackered and the cramp sets in?
Shall we aim to start at 8am so get there for 7.40 it was pretty busy las time at the start
Can we put names to posts cos i'm not sure who is picking Ian up if its Paul i take it you don't need a lift? Pink Hi Viz is fine with me
I've had  a shave too so shorts all the way!
I have arranged to pick up IanW (he hasn't got a car at the moment) so will need to meet you there.  Shall we say meet at 08:00hrs or do you want to meet earlier?
Love from Pat
tomorrows ride
I think we can register from 6.45am
I am happy for an early start ideally beofre 8am as could do with seeing the family briefly this weekend
Do you want lift Patron?
Lack of bike manouvrability
Yes good ride yesterday tired but enjoyable. What wasnt enjoyable was the ice bath. I had to get out after 40 seconds and put my socks back on! Think i'll just stick to compression garments and recovery drinks.  One problem since getting hom is that i've not been able to turn my bike around!!!  Not sure if this is a sign of dehydration, too much sugar or just a large bike waiting to be turned
Any advice Pat?
Great ride yesterday, I clocked up 106mls.  Dave and Paul, you must have been slightly above that?.  Cheers for the tow..!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


I would just like to say another big thank you to the sponsors. Each has helped support us in their own way, and this has been very much appreciated.

PC Wakeup have helped put this website together, and been especially patient with my and Dave's requests.  I initially  approached them due to their excellent service with my personal IT problems / inadequacies and they have continued in this top service / support with our JOGLE.

Schwalbe have supported us with tyres and tubes for our ride, and have been extremely generous in providing top tarmac loving rubber!

SportsMed East have provided knowledge and support to riders (getting their bodies in shape) as well as bits to patch us up with along the way.

Weather is good for ducks

Not the best for cycling, but the miles need to be munched up just the same. My chainring picked up so much rubbish off the road on sunday that it has scrapped my frame (paint off and into the frame!).

Anyway, try and spot hidden tashes - check out "Lurpak butter" for an example.  Best one posted on here please!

Friday, 4 May 2012

men with moustaches

Hi all,
Welcome to the "Mustdash JOGLE".  I hope you have got the joke that this whole site, and ride, is all based around...

"I'd love to stay and chat but I ... moustache (must dash)!"

Simplicity at its greatest!
Plus it is a great excuse to grow some strange facial furniture...

Patron - the leader of the little peloton